Rent an apartment in Croatia: It is so easy! Croatians are used to rent boat or apartments!

Croatia rental

In Croatia, the main word is "rental", we easily rent anything for 1 day or 1 week, it might be speed boats or sailing boats, but also "apartamani" which is the Croatian word for "apartments", and the best thing to know is that in Croatia, it is very easy to rent an apartment for only 1 night! No need to prepay anything, you find some contact on Viarentals, you exchange some emails and you confirm your arrival, departure time and total cost mostly. Croatian owners do not speak very well English, so you won't have a lot to say to rent an apartment or a Villa, you do not pay anything in front, that's the best.

As you may know, Croatians people, (Hrvati), lost roughly 10.000 people during the Bosnie-Herzégovine war, 1992-1995, and that was not 1 generation ago. Tourism exploded there a few years after the end of the war, because of the exceptionnal landscape of islands which transformed the west side of the country, but do not think too fast Croatians are openning their arms wide open to welcome this mass tourism.

That said, Croatia is not a free country, the numbers of tourists made prices exploding. If you want to rent a cheap villa in CroatiaYou better run fast or use some alternatives solution, like going on very Croatian websites and owners deals with locals at locals rates. And avoid big American websites with a few sea view villas and apartments booked all year look at disproportionate rates. But to do this, you need to have a friend speaking Croatians :)

How Viarentals may help you finding good deals in Croatia then?

Viarentals is multilangual, Owners who do speak Croations can advertise on Viarentals. They can, that's the main difference with other porperties rental websites or classified ads websites. Then, Viarentals is translating their ad into a lot of foreign languages, they will have theirs aparmtents translated in English to rent it out to Americans, New Yorkers or Englishman. Their villas will be translated in Spanish, to allow Spanish people leaving in Madrid or Barcelona or Valencia to come to meet them. Most of the communication work is doing on the website itself and there is not real needs for the guests to speak the owner's language. You agree on the prices of your stay, the length of your stay, which kind of property is being rented, it might be a house to rent, or an apartment for short term rental, a full house for holidays, or a boat for holidays in Croatia.

If you had only one spot to see in Croatia, which one would it be?

Rent a villa in Hvar

If you know Otok Hvar, The Hvar Island, you will love to rent a motor boat to cruise around Borovac, Planikocav, Jerolim. That's the nicest view you gonna have of Croatia. The one published everywhere in Croatia.

Pictures: Hvar island.

Funboard in Brac

It is always windy in Brac. Windsurfind in Brac.

Have a nice time in Croatia.

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